About Us


The mission of the Park District of Ottawa County is to connect, enhance and protect the natural, scenic, environmental and cultural resources of Ottawa County for the enjoyment of residents and visitors.


The Park District of Ottawa County was created by the Ottawa County Probate Court on September 1, 1992.

In 2017, the Ottawa County Board of Commissioners received grant funding from the Ohio Department of Transportation for the development of an Ottawa County Active Transportation Plan to plan safe facilities for non motorized modes of transportation throughout the entire county. A link to this study can be found here


The Park District of Ottawa County recognizes that Ottawa County is blessed with many beautiful natural resources from beautiful farmland, riverways and Lake Erie to much wildlife. These natural resources are augmented by many wonderful state and local parks spanning the entire county. Currently these parks and places are accessible through motorized vehicles and roadways. 

It is the vision of the Park District to increase accessibility to these resources by connecting people to the many parks and places via trails to create safe access through walking, hiking and bicycling while promoting a healthier lifestyle.


Park District of Ottawa County

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