Project Name: Meadowbrook Marsh Improvements

Project Location: Danbury Township

The initial estimate for improvements was $32,659. Having received a grant for $15,000, the Danbury Township Board of Trustees were able to accomplish more projects than what was contained in the original estimate for only $17,928 thanks to revised pricing and some creative ideas.

The language for the new sign was updated at no charge by John Blakeman, an expert in the field of prairie management. He is very familiar with Meadowbrook having had oversight on prairie burns for years. Photos for the sign were donated. The path to Rainbow Ridge was able to be done in concrete and connected to the main asphalt path. We had funds remaining to purchase a small shelter house which should be installed in fall. We opted to

purchase six instead of eight benches from Jack’s simply because three additional ones were purchased with funds from vandalism reimbursement – so we ended up with nine! We also decided not to purchase wildflowers following Mr. Blakeman’s advice to wait and purchase native flower forbs at a later date.

The quote for $6,100 for cross-drainage will also include repairs where asphalt has shifted. A $2,000 quote for concrete will be for the base of the new shelter house and an ADA accessible path leading to it. These are the last two pieces of this project and are expected to be completed in fall.