Our Mission

The mission of the Park District of Ottawa County is to connect, enhance and protect the natural, scenic, environmental and cultural resources of Ottawa County for the enjoyment of residents and visitors.


The Park District of Ottawa County was created by the Ottawa County Probate Court on September 1, 1992.

In 2017, the Ottawa County Board of Commissioners received grant funding from the Ohio Department of Transportation for the development of an Ottawa County Active Transportation Plan to plan safe facilities for non-motorized modes of transportation throughout the entire county. A link to this study can be found here.

The inception of the Active Transportation Plan in 2018 spurred the Park District to take fundamental steps toward its development. The Board of Park Commissioners began meeting regularly and planning for the future. During this time the Board grew from a three-person to five-person board. In 2020 the Park District of Ottawa County passed a county-wide levy providing funding to plan and execute outdoor recreation projects throughout Ottawa County.