Project Name: Wild Pages

Project Location: Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge Fox Unit

The Oak Harbor Public Library and the Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge partnered on the Wild Pages project. The book trail provides a free, enjoyable activity which encourages families to engage in literacy and improve physical health while spending time in a natural setting outdoors.


The Wild Pages trail is located on the Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge’s new Fox Unit. The 0.3 trail can be accessed off Lickert-Harder Road ¼ mile south of State Route 2, across from the Refuge Visitor Center.

Daemon Britt, Eagle Scout Troop 307, under the supervision of Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge staff, installed the frames. Daemon conducted the installation as part of his Eagle Scout requirement. Frames were installed at the end of April with final inspection the first week of May.

The book At the Marsh in the Meadow by Jeanie Mebane, Sleeping Bear Press, was placed into the frames on May 15, 2023, by Oak Harbor Public Library staff and volunteers. A dedication ceremony was held on site on June 3rd. As word of the book trail continues to spread, more and more families have utilized the Wild Pages book trail.

Books are scheduled to be exchanged 3 to 4 times per year. However, the addition of special programs and damage due to weather may and can influence this number. A draft list of potential books has been created and is available if requested.

The Wild Pages program was designed with the potential to include various literary and outdoor educational programs and activities. Examples include but are not limited to; art/craft hikes, book clubs, Library Week, family activity day, spring migration, star gazing, and the 2024 solar eclipse. These activities would be hosted by either/both the Oak Harbor Public Library and the Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge. In the future, other entities may arrange usage of the book trail.

The Wild Pages trail will continue to be promoted throughout the year on various social media platforms by both the Oak Harbor Public Library and the Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge, especially when a program is planned, or a new book is depicted.