Project Name: Meadowbrook Marsh Trail

Project Location: Danbury Township

The initial estimate for improvements was $33,950 and Danbury Township stayed within budget, spending that exact amount. Having received the Parks and Trails Improvement Grant for 50 percent of this project, Danbury Township was able to accomplish a 990-foot long, 8-foot-wide ADA paved trail over what was formerly a grass trail that meandered through fields and woods at the very popular Meadowbrook Marsh preserve located on Bayshore Road in Danbury Township.

The project occurred on November 16, 2023.

After its completion, many comments immediately came in on the Marblehead Peninsula Chit Chat Facebook page from people who were very excited to see these terrific improvements. Danbury Township is most grateful for this grant funding. It is a project township officials have wanted to complete for many years but never had enough in the budget to spare for this improvement.

On behalf of the board, many thanks to the Park District of Ottawa County.

-Dianne Rozak

Danbury Township, Board of Trustees Chair