Request for Qualifications - Legal Notice

February 1, 2021





  • I. Planning
    • A. Project Identification
      • 1. Assist in determining scope of projects
        • a. Become knowledgeable of the Park District’s existing facilities and connections to other County, State, and/or
          Federal recreational facilities.
        • b. Advise the Park District of any engineering concerns in identifying projects.
        • c. Assist in developing project priority rankings.
        • d. Attend interactive informational meetings with the public.
      • 2. Prepare necessary planning documents for identifying projects
        • a. Identify scope of project in writing and visually
        • b. Prepare probable estimates of cost
        • c. Prepare financing plan including funding sources
        • d. Prepare sources and uses of funds
        • e. Provide engineering guidance and recommendations
        • f. Assist with appraisal and negotiations for land/right-of-way acquisition to complete a proposed project.
      • 3. Present project to the public and/or other governmental entities, if required, for comments
        • a. Present recommended project for comments and approval
        • b. Attend public informational meetings
      • 4. Agreements
        • a. Provide expertise, assistance, and consultation with respect to developing, negotiating, and implementing
          intergovernmental agreements
  • II. Design
    • A. Project Design
      • 1. Assist in determining scope of projects
        • a. Develop plans and specifications
        • b. Implement design based on finalized plan
        • c. Identify any requirements from outside agencies, including permits
        • d. Prepare construction plans, specifications, estimates of probable cost, bid documents, advertisement for bids,
          analyze bids, make recommendations in response to bids, process necessary permits
        • e. Prepare financing plan
  • III. Construction
    • A. Engineering during Construction
      • 1. Assist in determining scope of projects
        • a. Prepare and process construction contracts
        • b. Review and approve shop drawings
        • c. Provide construction observation
        • d. Process, approve and recommend pay requests
        • e. Process, approve and recommend change orders
        • f. Prepare record drawings, operations and maintenance manuals, digital copies of record drawings
        • g. Provide necessary documentation to funding agencies
        • h. Prepare, submit and process funding reimbursements
        • i. Assist in start-up and performance certifications

    Selection of a firm(s) will proceed in the following manner:
    The Park District will review and evaluate the statements of the qualifications filed. Evaluation criteria include, but are not limited to:
    • 1. Specialized experience or technical expertise of the firm and its personnel in connection with recreational facilities
      • a. Past record of performance including quality of work, timeliness and cost control
      • b. Capacity of the firm to perform work within time limitations, taking into considerations the current and
        planned workload of the firm
      • c. Experience of the firm with grant-funded projects
      • d. Familiarity and experience with the Park District and Ottawa County.
      • e. Negotiations will begin with the top candidate selected. If negotiations are not successful, the county will begin
        negotiations with the candidate rated second, etc.

    • 2. Upon completion of successful negotiations, a contract will be executed with the Park District.

    • Interested firms should provide The Park District of Ottawa County with the following information:

      • 2. Management and staffing: staffing configurations and individuals allocated to the project(s). Identify specific
        personnel who will be dedicated to the project(s) beginning with management through technicians. Include staffing for proposed subconsultants.
      • 3. A description of the firm’s related experience and individuals; experience, familiarity with the area and past
        work experience with ODOT, ODNR and other funding agencies for recreational facilities.
      • 6. References of other communities where similar services were performed including name and telephone number of contact person
      • 7. Location of office(s) in the State of Ohio

    • Firms are invited to submit five (5) copies of your qualification statements to be received no later than Friday, February 19, 2021.
      Qualification statements received after this date will not be considered. Requests for additional information should be submitted
      in writing on or before February 12, 2021, to Gary Kohli, President, at

    • Gary Kohli, President
    • The Park District of Ottawa County, Ohio
    • 315 Madison Street
    • Port Clinton, Ohio 43452
    • 419.366.5194